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CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a chemical substance found in the cannabis plant and is derived from the cannabis plant’s buds and flowers. Instead of producing the high which is usually associated with cannabis, CBD aids in treating ailments including pain, stress, anxiety, inflammation, etc. Given its benefits, CBD is becoming more and more well-liked as an all-natural pet remedy. More and more pet owners are looking into the possibility of using CBD to treat their animals’ symptoms of various illnesses.

Recent studies suggest that CBD is therapeutic for pets and many anecdotes establish the same. Given the benefits of CBD, Humans have been increasingly turning to CBD oil as an all-natural remedy for a wide range of severe and chronic medical issues. It is hypothesized that CBD can have the same effects on dogs, cats, and other pets as it does on people because animals’ bodies are generally comparable to ours.

By now, as a pet owner, you must be thinking can you buy cbd oil India and add CBD oil in your cart the next time you are shopping for your furry friends? Let’s understand the functioning of CBD oil.

How CBD may benefit a pet?

To understand how pets can benefit from CBD, one needs to understand about Endocannabinoid system- an essential function in controlling several physiological and cognitive processes such as mood, appetite, memory, fertility, and pregnancy. Cannabinoids made by the human body contribute to maintaining the ECS’s communication flow. Think of ECS as any other regulatory system in the body like the immune system or CNS. However, do you know that cannabis and its related plants contain certain cannabinoids as well?

However, do you know that both of us and our dogs have an endocannabinoid system? In fact, this system is present in all mammalian bodies where its job is to make sure they are able to handle any imbalances in the body to achieve homeostasis. According to research, CBD can have the same effects on an animal’s ECS as it does on us; relieving symptoms such as pain, stress, inflammation, and anxiety.

The endocannabinoid system is made up of cannabinoid receptors called CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors. These receptors are spread all throughout the body and are located in important organs just like the brain and lungs. Cannabinoids present in the CBD when introduced into the body interact with the ECS to treat a variety of diseases. It does so by directly binding to and activating CB1 and CB2 receptors. It is this interaction that results in the potential health benefits a person can experience

In other words, just like us, our pets can reap the rewards of CBD. While you can give your pet standard CBD products, you should shift towards specific products made for pets. To help you choose, Hempstrol is one such company in India that offers a range of CBD products for our pets in different quantities and potency to help you choose one that best describes their need.

What ailments CBD treat in canine patients?

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Mild to Extreme Pain
  • Painful joints and arthritis
  • Persistent inflammation
  • Gastric infections and indigestion
  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Depression
  • Sleeplessness

How should I start CBD with my pet?

The ideal strategy is to begin with a small dosage and gradually increase it to the level that works best for your dog because the effects of CBD on dogs are less well-documented. Hence, you need to follow the dose instructions given on the labels of CBD products. However, the dosage of CBD for dogs and cats is largely influenced by three main factors:

Potency: The quantity of CBD in a product is referred to as its potency. The approximate amount of CBD in each serving can be calculated using the overall CBD content of a product. A 30ml bottle of 3000mg CBD, for instance, would contain 100mg of CBD each serving if the basic serving size was 1ml. You can use this information to decide how much food to give your pet and how frequently you should do it each day.

Size and Weight of Your Pet: The body weight of cats and dogs affects the effects of CBD they will experience. The body’s fat content has an impact on how quickly CBD is absorbed. This hypothesis states that heavier pets should absorb more CBD. The body’s fat cells accumulate CBD and progressively remove it through urine and feces. As a result, in theory, pets with higher body fat ought to benefit from the effects of CBD for a longer duration.

The Illness That Is Being Targeted: Depending on how severe your pet’s condition is, you might need to use CBD consistently for a while before you start to notice any real changes.

Every pet will react to CBD differently, just like humans do. The best suggestion you will come across is to start slowly and gradually increase the dosage while carefully monitoring your pet’s reaction. And, also assure you buy the CBD oil from a credible place like Hempstrol that sells authentic CBD oil. Due to this, their cbd oil price is on the higher side.

Will Pet CBD oil cause my pet to feel high?

THC is a cannabinoid that has euphoric effects. THC is present in very small quantities in CBD oil. In India, only 0.3% of THC is allowed in CBD products to be called legal. Such small quantities are too small to cause any psychotropic effects. Hempstrol CBD oil created for pets is created in such a way as to cause very few side effects, if any, to them. It is also suggested that as a pet owner, you can make an appointment with a Hempstrol team of certified cannabis to prevent the wrong dosage. CBD oil price Hempstrol is on the reasonable side as they directly sell to their customers without any middlemen.

Is CBD safe for pets?

CBD products are completely safe for your pet if they are derived from hemp. Cannabis-derived products, on the other hand, are NOT safe for animal consumption because they often contain high quantities of THC and can thus be hazardous to animals.

In terms of adverse effects, hemp-derived CBD seldom causes side effects in pets, with most pet parents reporting only moderate tiredness at the start of the introduction process. One of the reasons CBD is such a popular holistic alternative among pet parents is because of this reason. The crucial thing to remember is to regularly monitor your dog’s behaviour and activity levels when first introducing CBD (and to do so gradually) so that you can find the ideal amount for your pooch.

So we are saing,

There are so many CBD products in the Indian market-which one to buy? Full-spectrum CBD oil has the most potential for therapeutic benefits. If you are looking for any assistance to find the best CBD oil for pets, you can always choose to make an appointment with the Hempstrol team of doctors and they will be happy to assist you in any form and help you choose the desired product for your pet.

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