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Native tobacco is a common phrase among tobacco lovers globally.  The plant is famous for its sacred and medicinal value and has long been used in various rituals and cultures in Canada. For this reason, some people have been between growing native tobacco for its distinctive characteristics, flavor, and benefits to date. And this is why you will get native smokes and cigars in leading cigarette stores online.

What are native cigarettes?

 Native cigarettes are unique tobacco products that are crafted by indigenous Canadian communities. They boast distinctive packaging and pricing, making them stand out from conventional cigarettes.

  These cigars are relatively cheap compared to other commercial brands, making them cost-effective options for many. The difference can be attributed to variations in regulations and taxation. The indigenous communities in Canada are authorized to manufacture and distribute the tobacco products without paying provincial taxes. This enables them to sell the products for lower prices, thus attracting many users.

Why choose native cigarettes, what are their health benefits?

 Natice smokes are an exciting option for many smokes and for many reasons.  They not only save you some bucks on your purchases but are also high quality, with some associated health benefits. These include;

High-quality tobacco

Native cigarettes are made from superior-grade tobacco that’s sourced from indigenous communities in North America. The tobacco is cultivated with no harmful chemicals or pesticides, making it a healthy alternative to common cigarettes.

Minimal or no harmful chemicals

Conventional cigarettes include various substances and chemicals that can affect your health. These can be ammonia, arsenic, formaldehyde, etc. However, native cigarettes are devoid of these chemicals and are an excellent choice for smokers who wish to avoid hazardous chemicals while smoking.

Native cigarettes don’t contain additives

 Native cigarettes offer a purer smoking experience since they don’t contain additives. Unlike commercial cigarettes that include various additives to enhance the flavor and texture, native cigars are additive-free,  minimizing the cases of health issues such as respiratory diseases and cancer.

Native cigarettes offer a better smoking experience than traditional cigarettes. They are smooth and satisfying with an even burn and smooth draw. Most clients appreciate this balance and lack of harshness common with other cigarettes.

 An example is the Nexus Light, which delivers a flavorful satisfying taste with a mild rich taste. The cigarettes ensure a consistent high-quality smoke with a clean aroma and appealing aftertaste.

What makes native cigarettes unique

 Native congeries stand out due to their quality, flavor profiles, and lower cost.  There are many brands that have dominated the Canadian market, due to continued positive customer feedback. Examples of top brands include;

  • BB cigarettes
  • Nexus cigarettes
  • Nexx cigaretets
  • Canadian classic
  • Putters
  • Skoal
  • Snus
  • Playfare’s cigaretets etc


 There’s a wide variety of native cigarettes in the market, and it’s advisable to be familiar with the nicotine levels when shopping.  Explore the different brands available, and choose one with high ratings. Also, compare the quality and price, and choose the healthiest option to enhance your smoking experience.

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