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First of all, if I wrote about the skin, it’s because it fascinates me as much as its good health. Then, I meet patients face to face daily and, looking at their questions, I realized that we did not all have the same information on this element which is nevertheless the largest and one of the most important. of our organism. We should all know how our skin works. With this book, I wanted to take stock of the urban myths, lies and/or mistakes that we all make.


No, quite the contrary! We even do too much. Hygiene is important but we tend to overdo it. People are unaware of the natural capacities of their epidermis and in particular that it is composed of three different barriers. These natural protections are so unique that we still haven’t managed to reproduce the same effects in our cosmetics.

How should we take care of our skin?

By leaving her alone. When we use too much soap, exfoliation or peeling, we strip our skin of its protective barrier and it ends up drying out, tightness or, on the contrary, becoming more greasy depending on the skin type. As a result, we fall into the vicious circle of overconsumption of creams and we never really repair our skin. In reality, it is asphyxiated.

What are the best practices ?

If you don’t have any particular skin problems, indeed. On the other hand, it is essential to have a healthy lifestyle and to protect yourself from certain accelerators of skin aging such as the sun or free radicals [pollution, smoke, stress, editor’s note]. It is also necessary to play sports and eat healthy by varying the colored foods. We thus banish industrial dishes, modified fats and sugars which contribute to the premature aging of the skin. I also recommend drinking a glass of carrot juice every day. This helps fight against inflammation of the skin, makes the complexion brighter and protects from the sun – although it does not exempt you from putting on sunscreen. It is also necessary to sleep properly because it is during sleep that the cells of our epidermis repair and regenerate. Finally, I recommend doing a blood test to detect potential deficiencies in vitamins B12, B6, B5, zinc, vitamin D and Omega 3.

Our skin ages despite everything, so there is nothing we can do against it?

Our natural protection is better than our attempts to repair with creams. It is not necessary to use anti-aging creams for the simple and good reason that they fail to reach the deep layers of the epidermis, where it would have to be repaired to see the skin tighten. . It is our hygiene and the way we treat our skin that are decisive

How to wash your face?

Water and a towel are enough, even if you wear makeup! You just have to be careful not to use cosmetics based on mineral oils because they are carcinogenic and they clog the pores. And if the skin feels tight because of the excessively calcareous water from our taps in particular, you can put a suitable treatment prescribed by your doctor on the dry areas, avoiding the naturally oilier parts such as the T zone of the face.

They say that the belly is our second brain, could the skin be the third?

The skin is absolutely connected to the brain as well as to the emotions! There are so many nerve endings there that one does not go without the other. You are happy and you have chills. You are stressed and you have patches appearing. You are angry and you blush. And if the stress becomes chronic, then you develop acne… It remains up to us to treat it well.

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