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Vitamin A , also called retinol , is known for its anti-aging effect . It firms the skin, has an antioxidant effect and contributes to the formation of collagen and keratin.  As for vitamin C , it not only Vitamin B12 is essential for cell division and differentiation. On the other hand, we have been able to observe a partially negative effect of vitamin B12 on our skin: studies have shown that it could cause acne. However, it should be noted that this observation only concerns therapies with a high dose of vitamin B12

Why is skin care so important?

Our skin is our largest organ, it protects us from any external aggression and even diseases. It also regulates important bodily functions such as perspiration. We must not forget that our skin is an extremely important sensory organ that is able to recognize temperature, pressure and also pain. So it’s no surprise that skin care is not only important for aging issues, but also essential for our health.

The perfect routine to take care of your skin

The cleansing product: The ultimate recipe for beautiful, well-groomed skin is undoubtedly cleansing. It is therefore necessary to remove dirt and makeup residue from your face in the morning and evening.

The tonic: It helps to balance the ph of your skin.

Serum with hyaluronic acid : You must use hyaluronic acid in order to sufficiently hydrate your skin.

The vitamin C serum : Vitamin C does not only contribute to the radiance of the skin. It also has an antioxidant effect and protects against free radicals.

The serum with ceramides : Like hyaluronic acid, ceramides are a natural component of our skin, which protects it from external aggressions and maintains the protective barrier of the skin.

Moisturizer: To keep your skin hydrated, consider applying a moisturizer, especially if you tend to have dry skin!

Sunscreen: Last but not least: sunscreen! It is thanks to her that healthy skin can remain so. A word of advice: the FPS must be at least 30.

But why does our skin age?

The first thing to know is that skin aging is not just genetic. It is possible to slow down the aging of the skin through a healthy and conscious lifestyle. Concretely, the aging of the skin is explained by the fact that the production of elastin, hyaluron and collagen decreases with age. As a result, the skin appears less plump, loses its elasticity and retains less moisture. Collagen and hyaluronic acid supplementation can help fill this gap. Click here to try our Hey Flawless Youth , Bootylicious Shape or Born This Way Youth Vitamins now .

Cider vinegar and hemp oil for the skin?

To have beautiful skin, it is not necessarily necessary to drink apple cider vinegar : it also has many benefits when applied externally . Thanks to its high acid content, apple cider vinegar has a purifying effect and helps oily skin as well as skin prone to acne or pimples You can also use it as a tonic by diluting it in water.

Thanks to the many fatty acids it contains, hemp oil helps maintain the protective barrier of the skin. It is thus always protected from external aggressions and bacteria. Hemp oil can also help treat inflammation and skin diseases such as acne or neurodermatitis.

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